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Be Prepared With Signal On-Call

In the case of a catastrophic event, business interruption can cost far more than actual property damage. Signal's On-Call service allows you to prepare in advance to minimize downtime. Disaster can strike at anytime, ensure you are always prepared with Signal On-Call.

"They said they'd take care of everything.

"I came back from a vacation to find that a storm blew a tree onto my garage. I was stressed and tired and didn't know what to do. A neighbor told me to call Signal. When I called, they said they'd take care of everything. Their team came out the same day to assess the damage and begin cleanup and repair!"
Jennifer Arlington, TX

"Signal Literally Saved Our Holiday Season Business"

"After a water line break destroyed our entire bar area during our busiest party season, I thought we were sunk. Signal's Rapid Response Team came in on Sunday night and performed emergency cleanup and repairs and had us ready for a private event on Monday. We didn't miss a beat."
Eric Birmingham, MI